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Everyone Agrees It's about to Explode

LA, 2020

A Ceaseless Fun Production

A little over a year ago, I was feeling anxious about my politics becoming less radical than they had once been. I wanted to make a show about the left and about factionalism – I wanted to answer for myself if revolutionary politics were still relevant, still possible in 2020, and I wanted to test my own personal hesitancies around radical leftism. I’m not sure if that show ever got totally made – the devising process can take you places you never thought you’d go. What I am sure of is that Everyone Agrees it’s About to Explode became about presentation and discourse. It became about the ephemerality of ideological identity, and about the inability of words alone to bridge the gaps between ideology. The show is skeptical of purity, skeptical of certitude, and anxious concerning the question of self-knowledge -- and yet the characters yearn for the certainty that only The Leader can provide. 

For our ideas to be useful, they cannot be pure. We have to go under, leave the comfort of solitude atop our ideological mountain and give our ideas to the world. They will be abused, appropriated, misused, deconstructed, and destroyed. As Joel tells us in the show, “We are being eaten, and we are the lucky ones. For the duration of our lives we are being digested by god, ground down into dust…. And it’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt real bad.” When we go under, we are annihilated. It’s gonna hurt, but it’s the only way forward.

The run of this production was cut short by COVID-19.

Creative Producer: Meredith Treinen

Ensemble: Zachary Carlisle, Woodrow Currie, Dakota Loesch, Madalina Nastase, Scott Monahan, Marissa Patullo, Katie Peabody, Soren Royer-McHugh, Martha Woldu, Madalina Nastase

Associate Director: Talia Shea Levin

Associate Producer: Nic Murphy

Associate Writer: Adam Mazer

Stage Manager: Lane Harrison

Lighting Designer: Josephine Wang

Sound Designers: Noctvrnal

Costume Designer: Laruen West

Production Designer: Britt Keller

Everyone Agrees: Gallery
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Everyone Agrees: Gallery
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