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Soft Focus

A monthly jam for devised and physical theater creators, led by Derek Spencer

Soft Focus: About

SOFT FOCUS is a monthly workshop in which we work through a variety of devising, physical theater, & viewpoints exercises. My goals with this project include:

  • Maintaining our chops as performers, creators, and directors;

  • Experimenting with new exercises, new ideas, and new people; and

  • Building relationships with other like-minded creators in Los Angeles.

In a cultural economy that values productivity, documentation, and marketability, we can all forget to take the time to properly maintain our creative skillsets. With SOFT FOCUS, I want to hold space for us all to move, speak, and create without the weight of a looming production or performance. It can be incredibly freeing to perform without an audience, to make without the pressure to make sense. By grounding everything we do in a neutral awareness of our bodies, I aim to cultivate a practical, and at time meditative, workshop atmosphere.

SOFT FOCUS does not require specific knowledge, or prior training in a certain performance style. Always, we will aim to tap into the natural dynamics and affinities of the collaborators present in the room. SOFT FOCUS is open to all levels of skill, and encourages creators & performers of any race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, religion, or age to join.

SOFT FOCUS occurs the second Tuesday of every month at Thymele Arts in Hollywood, 7pm - 11pm. The recommended donation is $18, but no one will be turned away for financial reasons. To attend, you must RSVP here.

Soft Focus: About
Soft Focus: Gallery
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